IPAC+ Self-Assessment for Long-Term Care Homes (LTCHs) and Retirement Homes (RHs)

Interactive Infection Prevention and Control Checklist for Long Term Care and Retirement Homes

What is this tool? This tool is an interactive version of the Public Health Ontario COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Checklist for Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes checklist (see here).

Who was this tool developed by? The creation of this tool is part of an initiative led by the Knowledge Translation Program at St. Michael‘s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto, in partnership with over 20 additional institutions.

Who is this tool for? Key stakeholders in long term care and retirement homes (e.g., leadership, management, and/or frontline workers) are encouraged to complete the interactive checklist.

How will this tool help me and/or my long term care and/or retirement home setting? This interactive checklist will allow you to do a comprehensive self-assessment of your current infection prevention and control (IPAC) practices, and will auto-generate a report summarizing your current practices. The report will direct you to tailored tools and resources that can be leveraged to address these gaps in order to decrease the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 between residents and staff.

Who else will use the results of this interactive checklist? Please note only the team at the Knowledge Translation Program as well as the LTC Hub: IPAC+ research study team and investigators (if you are participating in this study) will have access to your identifiable self-assessment data. Our wider net of project partners will only have access to anonymous group data. If you are participating in the LTC Hub: IPAC+ study, your responses may be used to monitor your setting’s IPAC strengths and gaps to assess the impact of the program and tailor supports accordingly. Again, any results that are published will be published anonymously as group data.

How long will this take me? The checklist will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. If you are interrupted, you can pick up where you left off at a later time as long as you open the self-assessment on the same device and browser.

What if I have questions? If you have any questions about the self-assessment, please contact the Research Coordinator at keelia.quinndelaunay@unityhealth.to.

Please indicate your name, email address, and the name of the long term care or retirement home that you work in below. This information will be used to:

  1. Email you a copy of your completed self-assessment report and
  2. Link responses related to your home over time. If you are participating in the IPAC+ Research Study, this information will also be used to monitor your setting‘s IPAC strengths and gaps to assess the impact of the program and tailor supports accordingly.